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Whether you live in a one-BHK apartment or an independent bungalow with multiple rooms, maintaining your house is not an easy task. There are always the nitty-gritty issues of ongoing maintenance and home improvement to be dealt with. Leaky taps, seepage problems, electrical wiring that has gone haywire, chipping paintwork, and a myriad other problems that need to be fixed which could range from the do-it-yourself variety to those requiring professional expertise.

Welcome to The Indian Houseowner – your Guide to House Improvement and Maintenance.

Our bank of articles is intended to offer tips, advice, information and practical suggestions. Our panel of experts—including architects, landscape designers, plumbing and electrical consultants, among others—will share their domain knowledge through these articles and the effort will be make them as relevant to your needs as possible.

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Adite is an author, journalist and script writer. Her novels have been published by Harper Collins/Harlequin. She is also a columnist for The Financial Express.

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Abha is a Mumbai-based landscape architect and proprietor of Abhaas Landscapes. She has landscaped gardens for Lokhandwala Builders, including their township in Kandivali, among many other projects.