The most fundamental part of your house is the civil works, that is, the foundations, columns, walls and so no that constitute its structure.

Learn how to maintain your house structure and modify it safely.


Civil Works and Repairs

Plastering, minor repairs, construction and other civil issues.


Don't let rain or seepage destroy your house

Water ingress is the worst enemy of our brick and cement houses. Learn about the many ways you could minimise damage by waterproofing

Crack Repair

Cracks are a sign that something is wrong

Cracks in masonry or structural poarts such as columns could be a serious issue requiring investigation by architects or civil engineers. Minor crack repairs could however safely be carried out by houseowners.


How to minimise Heat and cold

Houses in India are rarely insulated; they heat up in summers and turn stone cold in winters. Current technology offers many ways to regulated interior temperatures for greater comfort and energy saving.