Interior Decor and the use of Space

Interior Decor, the use of space, design and implementation tips

Living Room Balcony

A balcony is a bridge between the interior of the house and the outdoors. Pallavi Chidambaranath gives some do’s and don’ts on utilizing this significant feature of a house.
2 September 2017 More...

Floor Tiles

Choosing the right flooring material for specific rooms can ensure durability as well as enhance their aesthetic appeal, says Pallavi Chidambaranath
16 July 2017 More...


The humble mirror is a great tool for some inexpensive interior decoration, says Priti David
12 July 2017 More...

Biscotti colour scheme

When it comes to door and closet handles and knobs, functionality, durability, style and price are the main considerations. Priti David gives you the key elements to look at when choosing the right ones.
28 May 2017 More...

Biscotti colour scheme

A suspended ceiling can add aesthetic value to a room and help hide ugly ventilation duct work but there are some down sides too. Pallavi Chidamabaranath gives the low down on false ceilings.
24 May 2017 More...